The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation was established in the year 2008 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) it is also registered with the law Council as a law firm, UPRF fights for human rights and offer legal aid to the indigent persons in all matters of law civil and criminal nature. The organization’s mission is fighting for human rights and improving access to justice for the poor people charged with criminal offences in fulfillment of constitutional requirements.

The purpose is to offer professional and standardized legal services to the disadvantaged, charged persons with offences that carry a sentence of 2 years imprisonment or more or where there is a serious human rights issue, particularly in the higher courts and the Chief Magistrate’s courts. Un-conditional access to justice, cost effectiveness, completeness, quality and Constitutionality, are key values that guide our work. 

The organizations’ scope of work covers free litigation, legal advice, prison visits, human rights sensitization & Awareness, counseling, behavior change communication, research, advocacy/lobbying and mediation for the poor charged with criminal offences with a focus on poor people charged with capital or serious offences: murder, kidnapping, rape and defilement, civil matters and all cases of criminal nature, Land Assistance, Succession, Petty Commercial Claims, Legal Technical services and Public interest Litigation.   

 Report summary

The organization registered and received 129 total number of cases.

The nature of cases handled includes Family Matters, Commercial claims, Land Cases and also criminal cases refer to pages 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15.

The UPRF resolved 55 cases out of 129 cases through mediation and ADR refer to pages given above of this report. The organization at the moment has the pending cases equivalent to 73 cases as per tables on the above mentioned pages, and among which the organization has only 1 case referred to Foundation for Human Rights Initiatives (FHRI).

Secondary summary

The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation has held a number of legal empowerment sessions of which includes community awareness in partnership with Foundation for Human Rights Initiatives (FHRI), UPRF held the legal awareness campaign/Sessions in Wakiso, Kampala and Masaka District purposely the awareness was based on Land Matters, Administration of Estates and also Criminal matters in the area of criminal Justice with FHRI and PILAC of Makerere University.

UPRF held different talk shows on a number of Radio stations of which include Kaboozi Radio, Suubi Radio, Prime Radio and Kingdom FM concerning issues of Land and Administration of Estates and UPRF also held press conferences among which include the one held at Buganda Road primary school forging the way forward on how to give legal aid to our fellow Ugandans from southern sudan that were affected with war many media houses participated, the total number of participants were  approximately 782 among which women were 482, men 300  includes children and several press conferences haves been held at UPRF offices Busega kabale zone.

Further UPRF organized several training workshops attend by community leaders and members, local leaders, elders, children, Youths, Indigents in kayunga, Mukono, Masaka, Mpigi, Wakiso, Jinja and kampala. Also Outreach sessions have been held in kigo, Kauga, Masaka, Luzira, Mubende, Jinja,  kabasanda, and kitarya prison here UPRF interviewed the intimates for the purposes of legal representation of which, in these sessions the organization was able to offer legal aid to a numbers of prisoners. We went ahead to visit police cells mostly in the Districts of kampala, Masaka, Jinja kayunga and wakiso mostly the police officers at the stations and UPRF staffs attended the sessions.

The training session was supplemented by use Documentaries and posters illustrating the various violations of human and legal rights. The posters were developed by UPRF staffs and were distributed to the different participants for a multiplier effect. Around 8200 copies of posters printed and distributed. We plan to continue this activity in the coming year.