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                                     Institutionalization of UPRF

The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation of selected members.  During its pilot phase, it is now operates with 6 fulltime lawyers and 2 volunteer legal assistant.  These have handled cases in the pilot magisterial areas of Kampala, Mpigi, Luweero, Masindi, Jinja, Entebee Iganga, Entebbe and Bugiri and also in the area of human rights activities.

During the first 2 years of this proposal, UPRF will establish outreach offices in all magisterial areas with the high court or chief magistrate.  During this period, the staff will provide public defence in more areas within available means, continue to seek for a realistic enabling legal framework for the effective operation, consolidate existing strategic partnerships and establish new ones, and test new avenues for financial sustainability.  It will seek to put on board more members, and recruit more full-time advocates.

During the third year, the management team will undertake a review/evaluation document achievements and to access strategic direction.

During the last two and a half years UPRF staff will provide cost effective legal aid in partnership with Legal Aid Service Provider’s Network (LASPNET) members.

During the last quarter of the 5th year, there will be an evaluation to document achievement and access impact.

The majority of people who are held in prisons charged with criminal offences and those in police cells on suspicion of having committed crimes are not only indigent but also ignorant of their rights.  Many of those on remand lack knowledge of how to apply for bail.  In some instances police investigations are allegedly carried out for unnecessarily and often unconstitutionally long periods.  The living condition of may prisoners leaves a lot to be desired.  These prisoners are poorly fed and lack uniforms and blankets.  They are subjected to hard labour and other forms of violation of prisoners’ rights like living in congestion cells.  The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation will ensure that its officials make visits to the different prisons in order to:-

  1. Sensitize prisoners of their constitutional rights.
  2. Sensitize prison staff on the need to inform      prisoners of their rights
  3. Assisting indigent prisoners with completion of      Uganda Public Rescue Foundation forms with a view to obtaining legal      representation and human rights sensitization
  4. Counseling and representation of prisoners

Armed with knowledge about their rights, prisoners will be able to demand for legal representation.  It is a well-known fact that the presence of a lawyer on a case can facilitate speedy investigation and prosecutions.