UPRF will implement the activities to facilitate the achievement of those results with modifications based on lessons learned from previous efforts.  However, the Foundation finances to move beyond the start-up phase.  Already the demand for roll over cannot be over emphasized.  There is need for the Foundation to position services at every station where there is a High Court Circuit and or a Chief Magistrate’s office).  The Foundation also needs well motivated and experienced staff especially lawyers to offer legal services.

However, UPRF has to deal with and overcome a number of constraints.  They include:

  • Law levels of staffing
  • Law remuneration of staff
  • Insufficient and uncertain funding
  • High demand for services and networking
  • Lack of specified training for staff
  • Apparent competition from other service providers

In order to overcome those constraints and operate to optimum levels, UPRF needs to recruit at least 6 more lawyers to make the initial projection of 10 Advocates.  This should be followed by roll over the activities of the Foundation to other districts.  There is also the need for a programme officer to free the timeof the executive director to concentrate on capacity building, consolidate networks, and make new proposals and development plans while implementing is assured.  Under the current set up coordinating activities derails implementation. R

Research, law reform issue, training and public relations duties are key aspects of the work of UPRF that need special attention.  For that reason UPRF needs a research/training and public relations officer.

There is also need for specialized services to victims of torture and refugees.  This calls for recruitment of human rights lawyers.

Other requirements include a poor persons fund to meet disbursements of member and staff advocates offering legal services in cases whose brief originates directly from prison visits or from reports by relatives of poor defendants.  The tasks of representing refugees are a challenging one.  This is because they are spread all over the country in far off locations.   There is therefore for extra resources to enable UPRF staff to reach them.